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We are a web development agency that specializes in implementing open, cutting-edge technologies. We provide analysis, development and IT support - but we are much more than that : a team of smart, open-minded and forward-thinking web experts.


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    Adecco Way to Work

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    1,2,3 AutoService

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    Pairi Daiza

Snowcap super mask


website painted on a wall

A website painted on a wall

Snowcap just helped Famous, the Belgian agency, to launch, an online vintage advertisements competition.

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Hey Nerds !

Because we like to put our money where our mouth is, the code of this website is open-source and freely available on Github.

Feel free to browse the code so that you can get a feel of the way we work.

And if you have a cool idea to improve our website, just fork the repo and send us a pull request !

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